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Butchery Masterclass


Butchery Masterclass

"in this industry the show is every day, for us like a theatre it means to put on a show without barriers & reveal what happens behind the scenes..."

3 hrs hands-on Interactive Butchery Class with Executive Chef & Head Butcher with a 3 course set menu at Macellaio RC Union Street, London - £90

Macellaio RC Union Street
Arch 24, 229 Union Street, London
020 3848 0529

Tue 24th Oct '17: 7pm - 10pm
Tue 21st Nov '17: 7pm - 10pm
Tue 23th Jan '18: 7pm - 10pm

for further info/dates please get in touch

our private classes of 6 - 12 students for beginners or experts are excellent for corporate bookings, special occasions or a great get together with friends & family.

History behind our Meat

Delve into the world-renowned Fassona breed & its fascinating provenance dating right the way back to the Palaeolithic era, 2500-3000 years ago. You will have the chance to learn the historic story behind Fassona with us & understand its unique characteristics. It is a particularly rare cross breed, born from an Authocton breed from Piedmont and Zebu from Pakistan. Maybe this was due to the fact that in their search for food, they got stuck in this Piedmont valley surrounded by the Alps where they couldn't go further.

Then, around 1850 in a Lange Village called Guarene, these particular cows naturally developed hypertrophic muscles distinguishing them from other breeds.

The Natural Choice

The muscles found in Fassona are inherently very well pronounced, making its meat superior in quality. True to tradition Fassona is organically bred high up in the Alps until this very day, with its pure mountainous air & clean feed. Learn to distinguish the ruby red colour, how compact the meat is & how tender it is with a long sweet persistent taste, with a well-balanced fatty marble presence. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics this is one of the leanest breeds in Italy with a very low content of cholesterol - even lower than chicken or salmon. Achieving the highest grade of quality in Italy, it is no wonder you'll get to experience why the taste is elegant, with a delicate flavour & a buttery fat with sweetness as its main characteristic.

Our gift to you - Time

We will take you exclusively behind the scenes of Metodo Costa where we dry age the meats in-house, revealing the important process of naturally enhancing the flavour & tenderness of meat. Explaining the process of how inherently occurring enzymes work their magic and deepen the colour, relax the texture & intensify the flavours. With expert knowledge observe why Fassona beef is treated with the utmost respect, passion & love. Constantly keeping the humidity & temperatures under control whilst maintaining the process every day for 5 - 9 weeks. Allowing time for the meat to rest, intensify its flavours & tenderness, just so that by the end of your class we have the chance to bring to your table a truly unique texture & flavour experience.

The Perfect Cut

In the intimate class, learn how to select your meat & the best cuts, taking you through each & every cut from Anterior to Posterior quarter. Our Head Butcher with their extensive expertise will take you through where to use your new skills in the kitchen or at home. You will have the knowledge to buy your meat in the right way. Knowing for example, to make an amazing tartare you don't need a fillet but a fantastic topside, giving you a better result in terms of flavour & no waste. Loaded with tips & tricks ensuring you get the most value for your money, on a daily basis.

Behind the Scenes

Explore preparation preparing different cuts of meat, using the right cut for the right recipe. You will learn with our Head Butcher expert skills, such as how to beautifully debone a loin using the right knives, how to roll tie perfectly & how to cut stunning steaks using a cleaver.

We will also equip you with techniques on avoiding wastage by trimming your cut accurately & turning the parts people usually waste into the talking point of any evening.

Turning up the Heat

The key here is to adapt various cooking techniques specifically for every single cut, the correct timings & precision temperatures. Discover why a particular cut is better for longer cooking times e.g. neck/shin & why others are better for quick cooking e.g. steaks. Understanding the small details in cooking & how to make your grill, oven or BBQ your sous chef! The importance of seasoning is simple. The simpler the better. Identify & use the perfect extra virgin olive oil to dress your dish, right down to the salt.

Wine Pairing

Explore why we work closely with vineyard farmers & producers when making our very own wines in the prestigious Piedmont region. Celebrated for its contribution globally amongst all, producing the most revered Italian Wines: Barolo, Nebbiolo & Barbaresco. You will taste why the character of these wines & flavours of Fassona are a marriage made in heaven.

The True Taste of Italy

It's time to experience what you have learned, our chefs with their passion & knowledge will lead you in to 3 course set meal. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, sit back & relax against backdrop of the dramatic theatrical in-house butchery & bakery. As you'll get to experience from the range of traditional Ligurian breads, vegetable tarts, fresh pasta and pastries amongst authentic dishes. Housed in the redevelopment of Union Yard Arches. Macellaio RC Union Street, inspired by the numerous theatres in the local area, the dry aging beef dramatically hung behind glass; a stage extends into the restaurant between two large banquet tables, upon where we showcase the best cuts of the day. Furthermore, a stunning white marble butcher's block is framed by ruby red curtains and sits pride of place in the ground floor dining hall, where our butchers and chefs prepare steaks, carpaccios, tartares, and cured meats before your very eyes.

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